What is soda blasting/soda cleaning?

Soda cleaning is an exciting new technology.  It's an environmentally-friendly process where a surface is cleaned, paint or rust are removed, or coatings of any kind are stripped from the surface underneath.

Soda cleaning — also known as soda blasting — is very similar to sand blasting.  But it cleans the surface gently with a specially formulated sodium bicarbonate, corn cob or other special media, propelled with water or compressed air, without harming the surface below.




Soda cleaning has many advantages . . .

No chemicals

Non-toxic media

Water soluble media

Very effective

Low pressure process

Gentle on surfaces


At your place or ours . . .

Our equipment is completely mobile — we travel to your home or business to strip paint from a vehicle, restore smoke or fire damage, clean a log home, or clean any number of other surfaces.

Or we can work at our facility to clean your vehicle, cycle or other vehicle parts, or other portable items in our spray booth.  We also have a rotisserie to give us complete access to all possible surfaces of collectible or other special vehicles.


Call us to arrange a time for us to pick up your items or for you to deliver them to us. 

Please call us before you drop by!  We often work offsite and we don't want to miss your visit.

Soda Clean of Ohio, established in 2006, is a locally-owned family business, professionally equipped and staffed to provide the cleaning, restoration or paint stripping service that you need.  Call or email for an estimate today.






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